Stay Cool this Summer!

With this week’s temperatures getting into the 90s, New Leaf would like to offer a few tips to stay cool in your landscape this summer.

  • Plant a shade tree:
    • Shade trees like maples, oaks, and elms can provide cooling shade in the summer. When the leaves drop in the fall, sun will penetrate through the branches to keep you warm.
    • Shade under trees can be 20 degrees cooler than nearby sunny areas.
    • Opt for fruit bearing trees to gain an added benefit of fresh produce.


  • Build a pergola:
    • Pergolas over patios or gathering areas help define a space and provide some shade.
    • Grow an evergreen vine on the pergola to have year-round shade, or grow a deciduous vine to have seasonal shade.
    • Like trees, opt for a fruit bearing vine like grapes or kiwi to have fresh produce.




  • Install a water feature:
    • Water features cool down the surrounding air. A strategically placed pond or fountain can cool down a slight breeze headed toward your gathering space.
    • The sound of water can help mask noise coming from busy streets.
    • A pond will attract local wildlife like frogs, dragonflies, and birds.



  • Use drip irrigation to water your garden:
    • While drip irrigation doesn’t help you stay cool, it’ll help you reduce your water bill and keep your garden healthy in the summer.
    • Drip irrigation waters plants at the roots, which reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. Keeping water off the leaves helps to prevent plant diseases as well.
    • Irrigate early in the morning or in the evening to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

Stay cool!

Update: Builder’s Blitz

Hello again, everyone!

BuildSense and New Leaf partnered together to build and landscape a house for Durham’s Habitat for Humanity. You can find more information about this in our previous post.

The houses are complete, and the new owners are thrilled with their new homes! Here are some photos of the work BuildSense and New Leaf completed:

Builders Blitz!

Hello everybody!

New Leaf is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Habitat for Humanity of Durham Builders Blitz. This Blitz Build is a house that is constructed within one week. We are partnering with Build Sense, who designed and constructed the house, and we are installing the landscape around the house. The completed houses are given to eligible Habitat homeowner applicants.

New Leaf participates in this for no fee, and our nurseries usually donate us the plants we need, or give us a discount for the event.

The event will be held the week of June 2nd, and New Leaf will be out there the final days to install the landscape.

If you would like to learn more about the Builders Blitz, click here to check out Habitat for Humanity’s website. You can also click here to look at Durham’s Habitat for Humanity page.