Providing top quality service and installations of the highest value to our clients with an emphasis on individual needs is our goal here at New Leaf.

 Our landscape designs are based on your wishes.

What to expect: 

At our first meeting, we will learn how you want to use your outdoor space, your plant and material preferences, and the effect you want to achieve. We will do an analysis of your needs and assess the property’s features. If possible, providing a copy of your base map (e.g. a landscape survey) at this stage will aid us in making the base map, which is what we build your design on.  Taking all of the information gathered from you at this initial meeting, a master plan is created for you that makes the best use of your space.  This master plan is then divided into phases so each phase will build up to a cohesive whole–even if it is executed over time.  Your master plan (a CAD drawing), along with our bid with each phase priced, is presented to you at a second meeting.  You will receive full explanations of all of the elements of the design and have time to discuss the design with us.


We install top-quality plants purchased individually by our own plant buyer.  He travels the region to obtain the finest plants available at a reasonable cost.  We work closely with our nurseries, many of which are smaller growers of only certain plants.  Our personal relationship with them means that we can usually get exactly what we want and get the best of what they have. Our plants are installed in beds prepared with compost, top soil, and root-promoting amendments so that they will mature into healthy specimens.  Plants are evenly and carefully spaced and positioned for optimum appearance, future growth, and in accordance with the landscape plan.  As careful as our designs are, however, our crews have the care and consideration for your project that they will alter the placement or arrangement if that makes your landscape look even better.  Our crews take great pride in their work and enjoy the relationships they build with our clients. Our staff wants your home to look its best—for you and for them.

Stone Work

Our stone work is done by accomplised craftsman who have been building with New Leaf Landscaping for many years. Their fine work on stacked and mortared stone walls as well as terraces and walkways will give lasting pleasure and value to your home. In addition to natural stone, our crews are trained to install concrete pavers, and walls. This is a less costly, but equally attractive alternative. Each crew has an ICPI certified installer to ensure proper execution of your terrace or wall.

Water Features

 Even small water features can add enormously to your enjoyment of the landscape. A carefully chosen urn with overflowing water that splashes down on a small bed of river rock can drown out city noises and provide a beautiful focal point. It is a small investment with a great return. If you have in mind something larger, we build ponds of all sizes. We work hard to integrate our ponds with the natural landscape. They may be small with a simple bubbler or have multiple falls and streams. They are a reflection not only of our crew members’ flair, but our clients’ wishes to bring many wonderful elements–water, sound, fish, and plants together in one place.  No chemicals are used to keep our water crystal clear.  Ecology– biological filtration, natural bacteria, and plants– does the cleaning work for us.

Landscape Lighting

Many of us are not at home during the day (other than maybe on weekends) to enjoy our landscapes.  Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance the beauty of your property while providing a “guiding light” up a walkway or toward a beautiful specimen.  In keeping with our philosophy of integration, our lighting designs and systems are subtle yet effective in enhancing your landscape.  We believe landscape lighting should show off the landscape and not the light itself.  Our designs provide balance to your home and open up dark spaces making “outdoor rooms” feel bigger.  We welcome your inquiries regarding references or the top-quality components and strong warranties included with our lighting systems.

Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation is included with all of our plant installations.  Drip is the most water-efficient, cost effective (in every sense) irrigation available.  Our Rain Bird ® Xerigation™TM systems allow us to tailor (meter) precisely the amount of water we want each variety of plant to receive based on the plant species, soil characteristics, and location in the landscape. New Leaf also installs automatic irrigation systems for lawns and plantings at many of our comprehensive projects.  We believe that water is precious and should not be wasted.  Our systems are carefully designed to minimize wasting water on concrete or where it will only promote weed growth in mulched areas. All of the components we use offer top quality and value and carry the longest warranties (three to five years).  And of course, New Leaf will be available for continuing service long after our first full year warranty for labor and parts has passed.

Annuals Color Program

New Leaf has a creative annuals program that provides flower rotation in the Spring and Fall.  Working closely with a top-notch local grower, New Leaf contracts flowers to be grown specifically for your home.  Our plants arrive robust, well-rooted in large pots, and ready to grow because they have not spent days untended on a hot truck form Florida or in a sales yard. Our goal is to accent your landscape with floral and foliage color.  Implementing a mix of colors and textures, our annuals beds reflect our flair and your preferences for color.  We offer our annuals program only to our on-going clients.

Landscape Maintenance

New Leaf offers a comprehensive maintenance program individually tailored to each landscape and owner.  Our services include lawn mowing/trimming, lawn chemical applications, shrub maintenance through an integrated pest management program, and master gardening care.  Our goal is to provide landscape maintenance that involves you to the level that you want to be involved.  Some of our clients wish only to be involved with the care of their landscapes by writing one check per month to New Leaf and have their home look manicured at all times, with no intrusions from questions or multiple contractors.  Others will ask for us to cut the grass and spray chemicals on a very limited basis because they want to weed, trim, and otherwise garden in their landscape.  Most of our clients fall somewhere between the two examples cited here.  Our menu of services offered in our landscape maintenance contract allows you to choose only those services that you wish without paying for those that you do not. Our  staff is well-trained, attending classes throughout the year on pest management, tree and shrub care, lawn health issues, etc.  In addition, many of our crew members have worked for New Leaf for several years and have come to know our clients and their homes quite well.  We strive to have our services be as unobtrusive as possible so that you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape without being required to be involved in the day to day maintenance of it. We will be more than happy to provide a list of references upon request or to set up an appointment with you to discuss your needs.

Personal Gardener

For our clients who are looking for specific care for their gardens, a personal gardener may be right for you. A personal gardener will take the time to discuss with you what you would like done in your garden, and then implement that accordingly. This option would be for those who want work done beyond lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and various chemical applications.